Tips for prosperity in 2015

ProsperityWhat have you decided your new year is going to look like? Where would you like to be a year from today? I love this time of the year when everything is so new and everything is possible. People have decided to make the best of the new year and are putting their best foot forward. Yesterday, when we went snowshoeing with my husband, we had never seen such a large amount of vehicles parked in Bragg Creek – everyone had come to either ski or snowshoe and it was like someone had organised an event.

How to keep that freshness and determination to put your best foot forward throughout the year? When do we start giving up and waiting for this year to end to start again in the new one? Well, the last question is easy to answer – according to statistics, by 3rd week of January the majority of people have given up on fulfilling their new year resolutions. This is the 3rd week of January right now, so hopefully you haven’t given up yet. Here are some tips to keep going strong for the next 49 weeks and bring you prosperity in 2015: 

–          Break your goal down to bite-size actions for each week and day. If you’d like this to be your breakthrough year in your business and you’d like to double or triple your revenue, start by breaking it down by quarter, month and week. Then write down what are you going to do differently each day to make this goal a reality.

–          Pick a word, symbol, picture to inspire you. Something that makes it easy for you to feel inspired and connect to your inner motivation. My word for this year is Prosperity. With my practice I want my clients and business partners to prosper, I want my business and my family to prosper. When I think of that word, it fills me up and charges my batteries – I want to get going and make it happen.

–          Have a plan. Write out what you are going to do and by when. When you put your intention out there, it becomes real and starts to manifest. Even if you don’t look at the plan again until the end of the year (not recommended), you might be surprised to see how much of it you have achieved, just because you set your mind to it.

–          Celebrate your successes and failures. Be thankful for what you have learned from both. What worked so well for you that you’d like to keep doing more of it? Where did you make a major miscalculation and what do you know thanks to that? By celebrating both, you are making the learning  part of you and using the energy to move forward instead of dwelling on success or punishing yourself for failures.

–          Get a coach. If you don’t have one already, consider the possibilities you’ll have when there is not just one, but two of you focused on making your 2015 a prosperous one. Coach will support you, help you realize where you need to make changes and keep you accountable for making them. You’ll have the most important business partner who’s only goal is to help you succeed.

Let me know what of the above you have already done or what are some of your tips to make this year your best one ever.

If you’d like to get started with a coach, fill in the details for your Complimentary Confident Marketing Breakthrough session and let’s have a chat.

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