Is there such a thing as a Marketing Style?

natural marketing style

Each flower is unique

That’s was one of the questions asked last week when I was presenting about the Top 7 Marketing Mistakes that Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid them. In my presentation, I had said that many people feel that Marketing themselves feels somehow wrong, but the problem is not them or Marketing, but they are using a Marketing style that does not work for them.

Yes, we all have our individual styles – the most obvious that we notice is the clothes we choose to wear and the way we interact with others (or don’t). If you look at the news from different award shows this season, then you can see how sometimes the dress brings out the best of the person wearing it and sometimes it is just not right. We are all unique individuals and none of us do the same things exactly alike. You probably have noticed when someone is trying to imitate someone else and it feels fake or at least you think that this person is not feeling comfortable with themselves.

The same with Marketing style. You might admire someone’s business and their success and you think that if you do exactly as they did, you’ll be successful as well. Yes, you might, if you and your idol are very similar in personality and a natural way of behaviour. Yet, if the person you admire is a charismatic extrovert and you prefer not to show up when there are more than 3 people present, then trying to be your idol is not going to work. You’ll end up frustrated, use up a lot of energy trying to be someone else and eventually feel like a failure or try to reinvent yourself. But rest assured, you do not have to pretend to be someone else to achieve success that rivals or outshines the one of your idol.

What is the key here? Find your natural Marketing Style that let’s you be you and bring out the unique advantages that only you have. When you are being yourself, you are at your most powerful and that let’s you be confident in conveying your message. And you don’t have to speak to masses to become successful if it’s not your thing. You can just as easily work from behind your computer and reach your audience via internet. The possibilities are endless! Do not ever let anyone make you feel that you are not enough. That is just not true. You are at your best being who you are. And that is your natural marketing style.

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