Quiz: What is your Confident Marketing Factor?

1. When I try to apply the marketing I've learned, my results fall short of expectations and I start to wonder what is wrong with me.

2. When I market, I feel like I need to flip a switch and become someone else.

3. I need to force myself to do marketing and I don’t feel confident doing it.

4. I have to chase potential clients and they don’t return my emails and phone calls.

5. I have a hard time articulating to people what I do and how it benefits them.

6. I know exactly what are the steps to follow to attract the next client.

7. I have a marketing plan that outlines my goals and how to achieve them.

8. I seem to be attracting clients that I don’t enjoy working with.

9. When the moment comes to make my offer, I cringe inside and feel embarrassed or awkward.