What is a Marketing pipeline

dreamstime_xl_18070406Some of the challenges that my clients come to me with are setting up their marketing in a way that helps them bring a steady flow of their ideal clients to their business. Very often people have tried different things and the results are not consistent or there is no response.

That is where an understanding of what a marketing pipeline is can help tremendously. A robust description would be that a marketing pipeline is a set of consecutive actions helping a potential client find out more about the product or service that you are offering. A good pipeline is easy, feels natural to you and brings in your ideal clients on a regular basis. The purpose of a marketing pipeline is to help a potential client get clear on whether they will benefit from the product or service that you provide at this point in time.

You could also say that a purpose of a marketing pipeline is to generate leads or sell. Yes, that is what it ends up doing for you, but the way you set one up is not to push a product or service towards someone who does not see the need or benefit of it at this point. That would be a traditional way of doing things – using the right call to action, sequence, words that will persuade or sometimes even manipulate people to buy. There are many books and marketing or sales gurus out there who tell you the ’right’ words and the ’right’ steps to bring customers to your website or to your business for the purpose of selling.

But let’s explore a different option – you are helping a client become clear on what they need and whether working with you is something they will benefit from. This way setting up pipelines doesn’t feel like setting a trap – it feels more like something good that you are doing – you are helping even the people who will not start working with you to get clear on what they need.

Coming from this perspective, putting together a marketing pipeline is a meaningful activity – you start with what the challenges are that your clients are facing and you start explaining where they come from. When people identify with what you have to say they are willing to learn more and move on in your pipeline. The more clarity you provide the easier it is for people who are in your pipeline understand whether they need to move forward and purchase your offer or exit the pipeline.

The content that you provide and the steps that people need to take in order to move forward in your pipeline, will depend on the nature of your business and definitely on your marketing archetype. A Compelling Creative pipeline looks very different from that of a Charismatic person – the content, the steps, the language, the marketing vehicles – all need to be adjusted to take into account your Archetype. (If you are not familiar with Marketing Archetypes watch a webinar here)

If you would like to be clear on your archetype and are ready to set up a pipeline that doesn’t make you cringe inside, join my workshop in Calgary where we will do just that. The marketing that you will end up practicing and that will bring you new clients, will be aligned with your natural marketing style. It will be a hands on session where we will work directly with your business. See a more detailed description here and sign up for June 18th in Calgary.

Look forward to helping you set up a marketing pipeline that provides clarity to your clients!

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