Marketing objectives 2015

Doing-the-same-thing_Albert-EInsteinSetting objectives sounds like hard work, doesn’t it? Some of you might remember a few objectives that you have set that you did not reach and what a loser you felt afterwards?

Yet, at the same time objectives are almost a necessary evil. How can you know whether you are able to go on that trip that Air Canada has cheap tickets for right now, if you are not able to plan your life ahead?

The key is not to use objectives as a way of beating yourself up and using them as a measuring stick of your own worth. All objectives including marketing ones, just help you clarify where you want to put your efforts into for this particular time period and get you to structure your life accordingly.

Yes, the secret to setting objectives that you will achieve is actually structuring your life in a way that helps you fulfill those objectives. Once you have a structure in place, it will help you shape your habits. Once you are in a habit of getting new clients every month, you’ll find that marketing objectives are easy to achieve.

My favorite example: let’s say that your goal is to start working with 2 new clients every month. The habit you need to put in place is to do the activities that help you land these clients. If you are shying away from meeting with people and going to the events where your potential clients are, you probably will not achieve that goal. If you go to the wrong events where the people are just out to get free stuff from you, you will also not fulfill your goal, but will waste time and effort. Even worse, there is an opportunity cost – you could have spent that time online marketing.

The key to setting objectives that you can achieve is analysing what changes you need to make in your life in order to achieve them. Doing the same thing and expecting different results – we know that this is a sign of insanity. Another danger is setting goals that are demotivating. For example,  if your time is taken up by existing clients, then adding 2 new clients every month is not realistic and is not necessary either. Moreover it will probably harm your business if you do not make sure that your existing clients are happy.

For setting your marketing objectives in 2015, analyse what are you doing right now that works and what is not getting you the desired results. Once clear on that, write down what do you need to change in the areas that are not working. Be honest with yourself and admit whether you are equipped to make the change on your own or you need a coach to help you. Now write down what the potential result could be if you make the change. If you went to one relevant networking event a week and touched base or met with at least 2 people, the chances are that 1 person a month will end up being your client. There’s your marketing objective! And if you figured out that you need a coach to help you identify which events to go to or how to change your habits, sign up for my Complimentary Confident Marketing Breakthrough session and we’ll chat to see if I can help you achieve your objectives.

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