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Top 7 marketing mistakesYou might have noticed how some of the marketing messages that are used when describing a product or a service, make you go Yes! – I get it and I want to explore further. Whereas the others make you go – I probably need it, but if they sell it this way, I will never get it from them?

That is the power of the choice of words that you use when marketing your business. Words can build trust and interest in your product and they can also destroy it. Choose your marketing message carefully and attracting clients becomes fun and easy.

What are the key points to craft a great marketing message?

1)      Understand your client’s challenges and ambitions and talk about them. Word of caution here: make sure that you are describing the real situation vs what you think they should be experiencing.

2)      Provide clarity as to why they are in this situation. Why they have the challenges that they are having and what is stopping them achieving their ambitions.

3)      Show how your product or service can help them solve their challenges or at least get them started in moving towards their ambitions. Make sure that you are not ’pitching’ a product.

4)      Use your authentic voice and words. How do you know? If you cannot say the marketing message without having to memorize it or read it from the paper and then feel awkward about it – it is not your words, it is somebody else’s. Authentic marketing message flows off your tongue naturally.

Not having the right message for the clients is the fourth most commonly made mistake when it comes to marketing a small business. How are you avoiding that mistake? What process have you gone though to make sure that your marketing message is not repelling, but attracting clients?

If in doubt about your message, sign up for one of my Complimentary Confident Marketing Breakthrough calls and let’s analyse what you might need to have your marketing message speaking to your ideal clients.

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  1. Great points Ave. It is so important to craft a message that considers the client’s needs and is authentic to your brand. Thanks for the great resource!

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