Lead generation

Agreement Lead generation might be considered by some people a sales tool  and not so much related to marketing. Yet, classify it as you may,  lead generation is effective only if you have thought through who is  your Ideal client and what is the message that you need to tell them  about your product or service. Lead generation is essentially the  generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services  of a business. There are different methods of generating leads:  networking, internet and social media marketing, referrals from  existing customers, paid advertising, search engine results, etc. All of these methods generate quality leads only if you know your target audience and what they are looking for.

One of my clients had been very active with all kinds of lead generation activities: sending direct mail, email, internet marketing and she even hired a person to go and talk to the potential clients. She was very busy with no significant results. People she contacted did not feel the value of the offer. When we started working together, we defined her Ideal clients, what are the challenges they are facing and what aspirations they have. We practised presenting her ideas and bringing out the messages that are important to her clients. By now she has been able to present to 3 large clients and they all are very much interested in working with her. She still sells the same products, but the way she talks about them is different – and relevant to her clients.

I have also experienced it in my business. When I started my company, I did not really know specifically what is it about marketing that small business owners need. I went to many networking meetings and was presenting my company, but did not get any traction in the beginning. After doing some market research and finding out what the specific needs are, I was able to define my message. Now, when I meet people, I am able to generate interest even among the ones who would not be my ideal clients. My lead generation delivers better results and I have continuously a few potential clients in the pipeline.

What you need to do to generate quality leads?

1) Define your Ideal Client and what they like and who they mingle with/are influenced by

2) Find out where your Ideal Clients go for their networking or what media they read or use.

3) Be clear on what you offer that helps your Ideal Client overcome some of their challenges.

4) Go out there and generate content on social media and network!

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