Fall back to business!

Fall back to businessFall is here and just like children are all back at school, adults are getting serious about their business again. The air changes to crisper and days become shorter, business activities resume with full energy after the Labour Day weekend. People are reconnecting and going back to their usual meetings and routines. I also notice the obvious wide-eyed look of ’I know I had a reason to come, but I am not really sure what it was’. People are chatting to friendly faces and then forget to follow up. It is all good – summer has relaxed us to the point that we need to rebuild our routine again to get more done. A question might arise where do I start again?

Here are some quick tips to reconnect and be as effective as before:

  • Make an overview of your business and record where you are now in terms of number of clients, income generated, invoices coming in.
  • Analyze your existing client base – loyal, continuing clients versus most likely finishing soon.
  • Revisit your marketing plan. (Don’t have a marketing plan? Check out if Confident Marketing Club might be the right way for you to create one)
    • Are there any new activities that you’d like to add to your plan?
    • What marketing pipelines are working for you and what are not. (Don’t have a marketing pipeline set up? Check out if you could create one for yourself in the Workshop of Confident Marketing Style)
  • Revisit the contacts that you met before summer holidays and make some coffee meetings happen.
  • Adjust your plans to accommodate the new situation: existing work load, new project developments, additional venues to visit, the gap between your goals for 2015 and the reality beginning of September.

Hopefully you are able to get quickly back to business and finish the year on a high note! Look forward to hearing from you.


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