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Emotional Marketing

Recently I have been thinking how emotional marketing is really the key to more confident marketing. I hear too often, even from professional marketing people, that your marketing message is all about providing your client with statistics and case studies that your product is adding value. As if any client was a computer that makes only rational decisions?! Us, humans, usually go for what our heart longs for and then rationalize it for our head. Have you noticed when you really, really want something, you will always find the money and time for it?

Therefore price usually becomes an issue if the heart is not into the product or service under discussion. Emotions are what the really great brands evoke – the difference between truly memorable brands and the mediocre ones. 

Coca-Cola, where I had the good fortune to work at for 10 years, is a great example of emotional marketing. After all, Coca-Cola as a product is just brown sugar water with bubbles. If the company had tried to market Coca-Cola on the product benefits, we probably would never had heard of it. Yet, for over hundred years, Coca-Cola has been about emotions that the consumers want to experience: connection, happiness, being together, belief in a world and people that are good. It is a testament that a brand and company can survive all kinds of economic and other disasters and remain relevant over centuries.

How can you create something similar? What is the secret formula here? Emotional marketing. Get connected to your clients, find out what is the emotion that your product or service has the power of evoking and put these emotions into your marketing message. Look into your own heart to begin with – what brought you to start your business? What was such a strong motivation for you that made you put in all those countless hours working in and on your business? This is what your client wants to feel and connect to – your passion for making the difference. Putting emotions into your marketing will also give you confidence in your marketing message, because you will end up connecting with more clients.

If you’d like a little help on getting in touch with the essence of your business and how it translates into your marketing message, sign up for one of my Complimentary Confident Marketing Sessions. In this session you will get a glimpse of what your potential could be and what would be the first step in getting there.




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