Confidence to jump

2015-05-04 11.21.02I witnessed something amazing the other day – four goslings hatched to the couple of Canada geese on our balcony on the 14th floor. The cute little goslings were piping and scuttling on the safety of the balcony edge (about a meter wide with bushes and grass) until it was time for them to take off and head towards the river.

How do they get down 14 floors without being able to fly, I had wondered previously? This wasn’t the first year we’d seen goslings appear one day and disappear the other. Now I got to see it in person. The mother goose who had been close to the goslings every minute previously, took off and landed below at the base of the building. The goslings got really anxious and started scuttling around and calling for the mother to come back. The father was looking at them from a distance and then also took off. Now the goslings went and peeped over the balcony edge and looked down – it was quite scary. They turned around and started running around on their little legs on the balcony looking for another way. Until they realized that the only way to get to their mom and dad would be to have the confidence to jump. The first one took off, the second shortly after, the third was having a bit of a counsel with the fourth, but off it went too. And the last one, really could not make himself jump off after the siblings. It was desperately tweeting and running around the whole balcony, calling for the others and looking for another way. Until it came to the same conclusion that the only way was to have the confidence to go after the others and trust to land safely.

How often have you found yourself at the edge of something that requires you to pull together all of your confidence and just jump? When you started your business – maybe that was one of those moments? You just knew that you have to do it and trust that you will land safely and be where you want to be. Another time could be working away on your marketing pipeline and patiently going through the motions of growing your business and knowing that the clients are going to come. It takes courage to keep going even when sometimes the clients do not come immediately and you are feel tempted to run around like that gosling looking for an alternative way. And then you need to stop and evaluate and look around and realize that you still need to take that jump – go schedule the next meeting, create a new workshop, ask for a testimonial – and trust that it will go fine. Sometimes you’ll just have to have the confidence to jump and trust that you’ll land safely.

I have been staying away from creating a workshop for a while now. The first one I created with some colleagues of mine, did not sell a single ticket. I have been afraid of taking a jump and creating one on my own and trusting that it will work. Until last week, I took the plunge and created something I had been meaning to do for a while – a workshop on how to identify your Confident Marketing Style and how to create your Marketing Pipeline based on your Archetype. Maybe this is the jump you need in order to move forward with attracting more clients? Take a peek and see if this workshop is for you. Register for my workshop and find out what do you need to do to join the happily landed business owners who use their strengths in marketing themselves and feel confident in doing it.

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