About Confident Marketing Club

What is the Confident Marketing Club?

Club for small business owners who want to learn to market themselves confidently. Instead of running after clients and trying to convince them to hire you, you would like to attract the clients to your business.

Confident Marketing Club will have the tools for you to do just that. You will have access to templates that I use with my one-on-one coaching clients to help them define their marketing plan that aligns with their personal and business strengths. In addition you can ask questions from me and others who are members of the CMC. Twice a month, you can call in and participate in the discussion of what questions might have come up when implementing the actions for the topic of the month.


CMC is a 4 month class that helps small business owners create a marketing plan for their business. After graduating it is possible to continue being member in the CMC by participating in a graduate mastermind class to receive support on an ongoing basis.

The 4 month class focuses on the following:

  1. Identifying your natural marketing style and personal persuasion power (as per Archetype Alignment Grid ™) and creating your unique marketing foundation
  2. Getting clear on your ideal client and what messages resonate the most with them
  3. Creating a marketing pipeline that helps structure your marketing efforts in alignment with your natural marketing style
  4. Strategic plan that outlines the steps that need to happen in order to achieve your business goals.

There are 2 mastermind calls every month during that class where you can get answers to your questions and help your fellow members brainstorm on the challenges they have.

It is possible to upgrade to the next level of the CMC that includes one-on-one coaching with Ave Peetri, the Confident Marketing Coach.

Why would you want to join Confident Marketing Club?

You have difficulties attracting clients to your business and you don’t know why this is

You are out there networking, doing online marketing, yet very few qualified contacts.

You are not sure how to present your business so that it attracts interest.

You are not confident in marketing your business


Who benefits the most of being a member?

You own your business and you know how to run your business. You are willing to work hard on your own with some support to get your marketing plan in place.


What does CMC help you with?

You will have tested marketing tools at your disposal that successful businesses use:

  • you will find out how to identify who your ideal clients are and where to find them.
  • You’ll be able to market yourself using your strengths and feel good with the marketing choices you make
  • Strategic plan that helps you keep on track and plan ahead.
  • Your ideal clients will find you once you have built the marketing pipeline that honours who you are.


What is the cost of the Confident Marketing Club:

4 months class that includes:

  • 2 mastermind calls a month
  • Online materials to help you create your marketing plan
  • Online coaching and feedback to materials.

One payment of $597 Pay now

Upgrade to one-on-one coaching with Ave Peetri while taking the class for additional $200/month or one payment for 4 months of coaching $750 Pay now

Payment options

By joining Confident Marketing Club, you will able able to:

  • march to your own tune and have a plan that takes you from current reality to your dreams
  • know why your marketing hasn’t worked so far and how to fix it
  • invest your time and energy wisely with the best outcome
  • have a path towards successful marketing results
  • spend less time working on the business and have a solid pipeline of clients
  • have clear directions on what does not work and where the focus should be instead